Customizable products are available, email me directly.

- Mugs

- Hats

- Blankets

- Towels: beach/house towels

- Bags: Totes, Book bags, Drawstrings, etc.

- Phone Cases: iPhone/Samsung only

- Keychains

- Unscented Candles

- Socks

- Jewelry: bracelets, necklaces. 

- Wall art: posters-framed/regular, canvas prints, flags

- Drinkware - waterbottles, coffee mugs, tumblrs

- Stationery: Postcards, notebooks, stickers, mousepads

- Pillows

- Flip Flops/Sneakers

- Aprons

-Pet tags

- Men's clothing

- Women's clothing

- Babies clothing

- Kids clothing

There is a strict return policy:

1. Your order is reviewed several times & you are the one to okay it, if they are customized orders.

2. If you do not like how it came out, that is on you since you see the final order before it is submitted.

3. You can change your order at any time before it is ordered.

4. I will not refund you after the final order for any reason, other than the product print was damaged during shipping, or a printing error occured. 

To start a return email: scumbagapparel2@gmail.com: where you will be asked several questions based on the return policy.

If you do not contact within 5 days of receiving the item and there is a printing issue, too late you are stuck with what you received. 

Business emails are checked DAILY and the communication from this website is also checked daily. 

Shipping times vary for different items, I cannot give you a final shipping date until the order is submitted.